Mobile app that will change the way you analyze your business performance

Making store metrics and analytics available on your mobile device is as simple as downloading Pegasus Reports from the app store.

Store reports in the palm of your hand

View and analyze store transactions in real-time and from anywhere with your smartphone.

» View store sales and detailed reports

» Manage all stores in your company

» Detailed product breakdown and trending

» Growth and comparisons using historical data

» Support for major POS platforms

» Download from the app store and start immediately

Powerful mobile app

Designed for mobility delivering easy yet secure access to your data.

100% Mobile

Native app for both iOS and Android allows quick access to your business reports on your phone at any time.

User Friendly

Built with simplicity as a priority, take advantage of friendly user interfaces from dashboard to detailed reports.

Secured Data

Your data is stored directly on your device, not only for fast access, but to ensure secure storage of your data.

Fast Reports

Processed data is downloaded directly to your device and stored on your phone allowing for lightening fast reports.

Analytical Data

See information beyond just raw data, with built-in analytics to help you understand what that data means.


With personalization features like configureable dashboard, focusing on what's important has never been easier.

Multi-Store Support

View aggregated and individual store details for all stores in your network with one account.

Company View

With company level reports, compare performance of all your stores, easily identifying the top and bottom performers.

Analytics with simplicity

Reports just provide data, but analytics provide insight

With Pegasus Reports, see more than just the transaction data and its sum. Our focus is to provide you insight to the data from your store, in a easy to understand manner.

Data is meaningless without context so our solution will always provide you with context, such as growth, trend, aggregate % and comparison, for even the simplest data.

Many other solutions, including those included in the POS are focused on simply reporting back the data collected, making additional anlytics a manual process of putting numbers together to get that "context". Pegesus Reports will always provide context in a seamless manner ensuring that every metric you view has meaning.

Built for the busy owner

Get more time back to running the business and not waste time figuring out a software.

No Portal

No setting up access or cumbersome portals to "log" into just to see your reports. It's as quick as looking at your phone.

KPI Focused

Focusing on Key Performance Index (KPI) for your store ensures you never miss the important metrics.

Perfect Complement

Connecting Pegasus Reports to your POS solution brings you key analytics and mobility for your business.

Data Simplified

Converting mass amounts of complex transactions into simple analysis provides meaning to that data.

Quick Setup

Connecting to your system is as simple as entering the connection code and you'll see data immediately.

Easy Billing

No up-charges, usage based fees. Incredibly affordable subscription fee ensures your bottomline is not impacted.

Always working for you

Get alerts and automatic updates right on your home screen

Widgets and scheduled alerts for Pegasus Reports allow you to get latest sales data without even opening up the app. See your latest sales directly on the phone's home screen.

No additional installation or separate app is required. As a Pegasus Reports user, you can simply "add" the Pegasus Reports Widget on the home screen and experience a new and convenient way of accessing your sales data.

App Screenshots

A sneak peek at what you'll see when you install Pegasus Reports on your phone.

Curious to try?

Doesn't get any simpler than this: Download and connect. Done.